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Why Team India Managers?

Franchise, like any other business model, has its own set of challenges, which demand an effective strategy. Our primary business function to this effect is, to conduct extensive research and select potential franchisors, entrepreneurs and investors. Our secondary function is, to understand the needs and priorities of all the three entities and perform an evaluation, to choose the best fit or ideal match. 

We know that, many of the crucial decisions, in the context of territory, infrastructural support, royalties and fees, have a profound impact on the long-term health of the franchise organization. Issues such as, sizable initial costs of inception of a franchise structure or shifting to franchising, from a conventional business, are fundamental challenges, faced by a prospective franchisor. These capital intensive factors, demand investment in business development, flagship store establishment, franchise package planning, legal document preparation, engaging the requisite experts, recruiting franchisees and other important inputs. 



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