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Advising and Guiding Entrepreneurs
Franchising statistics show that, the success rate, for franchise-owned businesses, is very high. However this success rate is not applicable to all entrepreneurs. We identify and evaluate the potential entrepreneurs. TEAM INDIA professionals also individually interact with prospective entrepreneurs, address their queries and guide them.

Selecting the Franchisor
We research and evaluate the business models of a host of franchisors. We conduct a cost-benefit analysis and a feasibility report, to choose the most profitable business and shortlist various alternative lucrative business opportunities for our investors.

Creating the platform : A step-by-step approach
We first select potential entrepreneurs and franchisors. We subsequently match the eligibility and skills of the entrepreneur, with that of potential franchisors. Finally, we bring them together and provide them a platform, with the help of willing investors. 

Strategic location is a major concern in franchising and is a decisive factor in the success of any business venture. Team India devotes substantial resources, to ensure that, the franchisee operates at a location, which is feasible to all the entities.

Comprehensive Legal Services 
Our legal experts provide timely help, to the investors and the franchisors, on a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Franchise agreement and other documents.
  • Documentation for location of Franchise.
  • Documentation relating to Financial Assistance.
  • Compliance Schedule.
  • General Legal Compliance.

We assist the franchisee in implementing the business plan, on completion of the pre-requisites. We facilitate operations and enable them to establish their business with minimum impediments.

Ongoing Evaluation Process
Our abiding responsibilities go beyond, merely implementing the business plan. We also regularly monitor operations and our advisory team provides various cost- effective alternatives, to augment returns. 

Marketing and Promotional Activities
A competitive environment, in constant flux, demands consistent promotional activities, to establish brand presence. We at TIM are supported by a team of experts, who can devise marketing and promotional strategies, suitable to the respective business model. 

Overseeing the Business - A Macro Perspective
Our tertiary and final business function is, to comprehend and ensure the longevity of all our projects. We therefore provide continuous guidance and act as a resource bank. We suggest that, the entrepreneur continuously provides value-added services, with the help of the latest technology and innovative ideas. In addition, we make sure that, the investor priorities and franchisor expectations are being matched and met. And lastly, we also act as strategists and assist the entrepreneur in formulating long term goals. 

We act as a regulatory body and our overseeing the business is not restrictive. In fact, the concerned entrepreneurs have total control of the operations, subject to compliance of pre-agreed upon basic prerequisites.

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